Williamsburg Community Circus: March 2013 – July 2014, Williamsburg Church (Brooklyn, NY)

A monthly interdisciplinary festival founded upon the definition of circus as “unity in diversity”. Each performance included artists working in at least three mediums. As curator, I personally interviewed each artist for at least an hour to sculpt a proper introduction for them on the night of the festival. The space for this festival was donated by the Williamsburg Church and admission for audiences was 100% free. This festival facilitated the creation of over 50 new works over the course of its run with a total budget of $0, and created a warm environment for exploration - rare in the current landscape of New York City. 


A selection of artists whose work appeared and was developed at this festival includes:

Ethan Woods

Aaron Rourk

Jon Schoss

Matt Nelson

Jamie Burkart

Trevor Wilson

Jacob Perkins

Teddy Martin

Ariel Julian Dionysus Yes Abrahams

Brett Seesun

Dave Hassell

Patrick Boatwright

Charles Ozburn

Julian Rowe

Rachel Coleman


Zack Marotta

Barbara Begley

Jessica G. Smith

Chris Insignares

Jake Aschenbrenner

Liza Crichton

Adam Merten

Carroll Simmons Performance Collective

Jaime Wright

Sam Corbin

David Bernstein

Jeff Brink

Tim Credo

Katherine Perkins

Jo Coppola-Griffiths

A.P. Andrews

Nathaniel Soria

Tommy Pietaz

Leo Bierman

Andrew Kalleen

Lisa Levine

Jonathan Arp

Dana Wolfson

Ayden L.M. Grout

Alex Tatusian

Angie Bond

Ashley D'Arcy

Ele Bernstein

Paasha Motamedi

Steph Nash

Ian Gallagher

Loren Beri

Michelle Reyf


Trevor WIlson

Trevor WIlson

Dave Hassell Trio

Dave Hassell Trio

Jacob Perkins

Jacob Perkins

Patrick Boatwright

Patrick Boatwright

Teddy Martin

Teddy Martin