The Art of Tarot

While Tarot is often thought of as a predictive tool, in Richard's practice the tarot is used as a vehicle for spiritual reflection. Richard guides each patient through a wide-angle journey through all the forces acting on their life at the given time - offering them the information necessary to act with the optimum agency. Having offered tarot readings for over three years,  Richard has provided transformative experiences for over 100 individuals and has been the subject of numerous radio stories and press write-ups. 


At the time he is offering three reading lengths, at the following costs:

15 minutes: $25

30 Minutes: $50 

1 Hour: $100

Please contact Richard directly via e-mail if you are interested in having your reading done. 



Richard is a man of empathy and kindness. I found his Tarot reading to be a warm, enlightening experience, and saw many others touched as though they had found someone who understood them spiritually. Connections of such sincerity are rare in our rough and tumble world! Richard provides them.
— Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, Alaska House of Representatives
“Richard’s tarot readings brought me into contact with deep paradoxes within my being, and allowed me to see the persisting questions within me. His reading did not predict the future, but empowered me to see what I wanted and make it true.”
— Ayden L. M. Grout, Artist/Writer/Translator

Radio Features

Back in the cafe in Sitka, Aufrichtig discloses what the skeptic in me has known all along: We all experience dark times; the benefit of tarot is as an exercise in positive thinking.