Selected Press Quotes

"Blurring the lines between music, poetry, theater"  - KCAW Radio

"At heart, Aufrichtig writes very simple, direct songs, straight from the heart with an emotional intensity that is belied by his relaxed, conversational vocal delivery. It's troubadour music really, but where others may be happy to relate on a one to one basis with their audience in a sparse setting that allows the lyrics to be the sole focus, Aufrichtig has a more sprawling, cinematic setting in mind." - The Active Listener

"The voice, so alone and somewhat desolate, had allured me in, feeding and sheltering me." - Lost Sea Sound

"mellifluous and woozy" - Time Out New York

"lo-fi troubadour" - Time Out New York

“Fitting snuggly within a loosely defined set of 
epic-minded solo troubadours” – The Deli 

“...the[re is a] radiating sense of inclusion 
unique to his performance and 
uncharacteristic of the generally cliquey 
indie/folksy scene that Brooklyn is known 
for.” – YAM Magazine